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Charu — wet vermicompost is fine, but yes it might not be a bad idea to let it dry out some. There are definitely other vermicomposters in your area — I recommend asking on the Facebook group or vermicomposters forum to connect with folks in your area.

I started with Rubbermaid tubs. They were a very good way to get started in many respects but chronically wet castings was a real annoyance for me , and prompted me to change to the Worm Inn. Since then castings have been moist but not wet.

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Extra moisture drains out the bottom into a pail. Hello Bentley, Thank you so much!

I am letting it dry and also I am taking the top off…for better air flow. And Thank you Bill Braun for your comment — I hear you! Also I will try to connect with other vermicomposters in Berkeley — I would love to see and exchange notes with others.

I want to continue with doing this but at times I feel a bit resourceless — so I thank you Bentley for creating this venue for us all. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Charu October 18, Miles Cunningham October 18, Bill Braun October 21, Bentley October 21, Bentley October 22, Hey Miles — sorry for delay. Just found your comment awaiting approval this morning.

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Bentley October 23, Bill Braun October 23, Hi Charu, I started with Rubbermaid tubs. Last verified 20 Sep Watch this space for codes and information about how to save on your international money transfer using Ria. Credit card and debit card payments are more expensive than a bank account transfer, but Ria processes card payments instantly. Use a Ria Money Transfer promo code to save on your next international money transfer. First-time customers will need to register for a free Ria account as part of the transfer process.

Why banks are giving up RIA licences, and the chance to give you investment advice

You can pay for your Ria money transfer with a:. At your request, Ria will contact an agent location to get them to cancel the order. Once your cancellation is processed, it can take up to two business days for you to receive your refund. Shopping for an alternative?

Compare these services to Ria for sending money internationally. Founded in the United States, Ria now operates in hundreds of countries to help you save when sending money to loved ones and businesses in Mexico, Canada or overseas.

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