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Some shows may not receive a ton of commercial success, but will attract a cult following of people who are dedicated to their fictional universes. Intellectual-property law is a tough nut to crack, and it can quickly stifle creative expression among well-meaning fans. The legal boundary is more of a blurry squiggle than a hard line, which poses quite the problem for fan artists. Stephanie Lucas was named in a large intellectual-property suit against fan crafters involving a simple, knitted, three-colored cap.

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Cobb was a trigger-happy, rough-and-tumble character, but his not-so-intimidating chullo belied a softer side—his mother made it, so he wore it proudly. Firefly gained a huge fan following after it dropped off the air in , but because it had seen little commercial success, fans had no official merchandise to scoop up. So devotees turned to the Internet—namely, to Etsy —and to fan conventions to share these handcrafted hats with like-minded souls.

Firefly continued to amass a huge underground following, and now—more than ten years after the show was cancelled—the series has gained enough traction to make Fox, the original producer, take notice.

Earlier in , Fox licensed retailer Ripple Junction to mass-produce, distribute, and sell the Jayne hat through online catalog ThinkGeek. Another Etsy shop owner, Jessa, received a similar letter. Both sellers took down their listings initially. They, like so many others, felt that they had no choice. At first, people pointed fingers at ThinkGeek, but representatives of the online catalog insist that the company played no part in the legal challenges. Droves of Firefly fans and crafters turned to the Web to express their disappointment and anger at Fox butting in, after remaining silent and uninterested in Firefly for years.

A show that they cancelled before the first season was over? Fox took action to protect the value of its license for official Jayne hats made by Ripple Junction.

The original idea of making and selling the hats came from the fans themselves, so fans feel that they deserve some latitude to make money from the idea, or at least to receive gentler notices of the new license. No two are quite alike. But which law? The U.

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Supreme Court has made no rulings in regard to merchandising rights, so intellectual-property violations have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Intellectual property is protected under both trademark and copyright, but the two concepts are different: Trademark protects names, terms, and symbols used to identify an original work or brand, and copyright protects the creative work itself.

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According to U. So, technically, only the original story creators are allowed to make pieces featuring images and concepts for which they hold the copyright.